Grill House 6.9m² - 74 1/4 sq.ft.


GrillHouse Kota


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You dream of Finland? This Kota Grill is an entry into Finnish culture and its mysteries ... from your garden. You are going to have a thunderbolt for this Kota of traditional Scandinavian style. A real trip to Finland, at the bottom of your garden.

Its very ergonomic octagonal shape makes this space warm and friendly. The grill, telescopic hood, bench seats and cushions of this Kota are included in the price. The windows and their double insulation, but also the thickness of wood of 45mm, allow you to protect yourself from the cold, while maintaining a Nordic ambience. You can easily install this 6.9m² Kota grill on your terrace. Its form offers a capacity of 10 people.

You will be able to taste smoked salmon with wood fire on the grill plates, or cook some succulent blinis on the crepe maker: real Nordic specialties. An experience to live and share.

Technical data

  • Outside dimensions: 114-2/4" x 124"  (2909x3149cm)
  • Outside area: 74,27 sq.ft.  (6.9m²)
  • Shape: Hexagonal
  • Wall Thickness: 1-3/4"  (45mm)
  • Height of the partitions:  47-2/4"  (1,20m)
  • Height at the ridge: 126-3/4"  (3,22m)
  • Roof slope: About 45 ° (100%)
  • Construction method: Pre-assembled panels
  • Number of rooms: 1
  • Capacity: 5 - 10 people

Kit Composition


  • Grill/Barbecue hexagonal:  1
  • Wooden folding tables: 6
  • Smoke Extraction hood: 1


  • Bench seats: 5 (and 2 drawers)
  • Cushions: 5 : blue or brown


  • Floor:  Floor in pre-assembled panels.
  • Floor thickness: 3/4" - (18 mm)

Walls and partitions

  • Walls: Pre-assembled panels. Planks of 1-3/4"  (45mm)


  • Roofing: Wooden pre-assembled panels, in Scythian pine 3/4"  (18 mm)
  • Blanket (roof shingles): Available in three colors: red, green, black  (fixed on the roof panels)


  • Single door: 1un. 30-3/4" x 59"  (78 x 150cm) with a double glazed window, wooden handle, skylight
  • Windows: 4un. 2 top hinged, double glazed  34-3/4" x 20"  (88 x 51cm)
  • : Windows are fixed in the panels


  • Wood species: Northern Finnish Pine - top quality guaranteed, PEFC Certified
  • Provenance: Northern Europe
  • Type of plank: Solid wood
  • Planks: Half-log 1-3/4"  (45mm)
  • Wood treatment: Untreated wood


  • Self Assembly: 2 peoples 2 days


  • Package Size: 94-2/4" x 47-1/4" x 102-1/4"  (240 x 120 x 260cm)


  • Package weight: 2425 lbs - (1100kg)


  • Delivery Price: Free shipping to Canada and to the USA

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